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Women in Tech Birmingham


Women in Tech Birmingham is a Meetup group I co-founded with a group of friends in 2018 after realising that no such group already existed in the Birmingham area. As well as organising events, I work as the Publicity Officer and Designer, creating the branding and promotional materials as well as running our social media accounts.

Logo Design - Branding - Merchandise - Promo Materials



The main focus of the logo is the Venus symbol combined with a cog, marrying the themes of women & technology. WITB is a grassroots voluntary group - in light of this, I took inspiration from DIY zines and Riot Grrrl, using high contrast and a textured background to give the logo a grungy theme. This logo features on our Instagram, Meetup, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels, as well as on a variety of other promo material.

Promotional Materials


I've designed a variety of promotional materials for WITB, including:

  • Print materials (leaflets, business cards, stickers, badges & banners)

  • Social media assets to promote our events on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Meetup & YouTube

  • Animations & gifs

What Clients Say

"Zoe designed both our Women In Tech logo and posters for our events to a fantastic standard. I now come to her for all my graphic design needs, knowing that I’ll get amazing results" - George, Women in Tech Birmingham


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