About Me

I'm Zoe, a graphic designer with freelance and in-house marketing team experience, currently working as a graphic designer for The Nationwide Caterers Association.


I specialise in print and digital design, being particularly interested in brand identity and editorial design. I've developed logos, magazines, promotional and branding materials for a myriad of clients. I also have experience in HTML and CSS as well as UI design.

Additional links:

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Other Experience 

Before becoming a graphic designer, I'd worked in a multitude of creative roles including editorial designer for a local newspaper Slaney Street and various university publicity officer positions.

I've also been able to see the creative process from a more technical perspective - in my Quality Assurance role on the Jaguar Landrover websites I worked alongside UX/UI designers, ensuring the work we delivered fit the brief, the branding guidelines and the clients' expectations. This allowed me to appreciate the design and branding process for a larger company, giving me a keen eye for brand consistency. Although I'd always been a creative soul, seeing these designers in action was the "aha!" moment I needed to steer me onto my current career path.

After briefly working freelance, I landed my current role as an in-house designer at the Nationwide Caterers Association.

In my free time, I work as the Publicity Officer/ designer for Women In Tech Birmingham and collaborate with projects such as Emo Diary.

Winner of ITG Connect’s 2018 "Passion" Award.